This is not just an apartment to stay and live, but a lifestyle-serviced residence built around business, leisure and connecting a community of travellers and locals alike.

Liberdade Club


Ando Living Liberdade Club is located a few steps away from the main and most prestigious boulevard of Lisbon which connects Marquês de Pombal roundabout (the gateway to the city’s business district) with the heart of Lisbon where one can find all of the city’s top attractions.

T1s from €504,000-€750,000
T2s from €850,000-€1,004,000

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The building rue Alexandre Herculano was built in 1889 and comprises of 6 floors above ground. The ground floor, parts of the first floor and the basement were used for commercial purposes and were divided into 4 different stores. Parts of floor 1 and floors 2 to 5 were used to residential purposes.


It is a rehabilitation project that converts the existing building into one of the first Ando Clubs in Lisbon.

Historical and architectural elements of the original 1889 building would be preserved and the spaciousness will be enhanced by adding two floors to the existing structure and a rooftop pool. The architectural project covers 3,703 SQM of gross construction area (including the retail basements).


Luxury touristic apartments, under the Ando Living brand will be developed and styles by award-winning designer Avroko. In accordance with Ando Living standards, these units will have the luxury of a first-class hotel with the familiar comfort of a home in one of Lisbon’s trendiest neighbourhoods.

Each apartment will be fully equipped with a kitchen, living and working area, while also benefitting from a wide range of on-demand services, such as: concierge service, room service, dry cleaning & laundry.


Liberdade Club will offer residents state-of-the-art hotel-like amenities (rooftop pool & terrace, extended living and gym), as well as living spaces that bring like-minded people together, in an energizing and anchored setting.

Club facilities will include a concept store, restaurant, bar, private dining room, rentable living room, lounge and cool working facilities.



One of the most sought-after European capitals of the moment — and one of the world’s safest cities — Lisbon brings past and present together like no other.

Lisbon is a city full of beautiful contrasts. Delightful old quarters are found right next to avant-garde architecture. The great contrast
of vibrant cultural scenes and streets of old boroughs construct the unique cityscape of Lisbon. Contrasts could also be found in delicacies, where traditional Portuguese cuisine and exciting new dishes are served on the same table.

If you ever find yourself needing a break from such paradise on earth, Lisbon’s International airport is just a short flight away from most European capitals.


How many units do you have in this project?

Liberdade Ando Club is composed of 42 units of 36 1-bedroom and 6 2-bedroom.

Where is the project located?

The project is located in one of the most prime locations in Lisbon, close to the Avenida da Liberdade, in the corner between Rua Alexandre Herculano and Rua Duque de Palmela. Please check the exact location here.

The Liberdade apartments are eligible for Golden Visa? 

Ando Living Liberdade Club is a touristic licensed project which enables buyers to apply for the Golden Visa Program with a 500.000€ minimum investment.

What is the delivery forecast?

All the licencing is in place the construction will start in December 2022 which should take 18 months however with obtaining all the necessary permits to start the operation and make the title deed we estimate to make it in Q2 2025 with a buffer for any possible delays.

What is the difference between a residential apartment and a touristic apartment?

The main difference is there is an operating entity that has a touristic license to manage and rent out the units, generating income for the owners. Also, the building will have a concierge, lobby, and amenities (like a pool, restaurant, cleaning services, technical handyman…etc).

Can I use/live in my apartment? 

For all owners, there is a free usage package of 14 x low season ADR (average daily rate) which the owners can spend in their unit/building or in any other Ando Project around the world. If the owners want to use more than the package but less than a month there will be special discounts on the rates (and they still get the operation income) If it’s more than 1 month; all 2 bedrooms can be opted out of the income pool and start using their unit by paying condominium and royalty fees, for 1 bedroom units; there can only be 5 units opting out of the income pool and starting living in their units at the same time.

What is the expected return?

There are two alternatives for the owners for the first 3 years of the operation;
1- 3% rental guarantee then it will be the income generated from the overall accommodation income of the project, which will be shared 50/50 with the operator
2- To start with a variable model from day 1 of the operation of the building as explained above with a 50/50 shared model and expect a return of around would be 4%-5%, but this is not guaranteed. 

In case of repairs or renovations for the building, how will it work?

The building will be delivered totally new with a 2-year guarantee on the equipment, 5 years guarantee on the finishings and a 10-year guarantee on the structure of the building. In the mid to long term, if there is a structural need like facade painting or roof repairs, this will be raised at the condominium meeting.

What are the amenities at Liberdade Club?

Each club will have its amenities. The Liberdade club will have a rooftop pool, a restaurant and a basement gym. In addition, all buildings will have dedicated staff to provide services to the users

As an owner, will have private space to store things?

No officially, but we will try to accommodate a space which could be locked for owners.

Who will have access to the Private areas?

The rooftop and swimming pool will only be accessible to guests and the owners.

What is included in the decoration pack?

Basic furniture, Kitchen appliances, cutlery, dinnerware, other kitchen utensils, Bedsheets and towels.

How do I make a reservation?

You send an email to with your Passport and the unit that you want to reserve. After that, we will circulate a reservation form that is going to be signed by both parties and with that the transfer proof of the reservation fee (10.000€) to the given IBAN.

Regarding the payment schedule:
50% in the sales agreement, 30% upon achieving 12 months of the construction works, and 20% at the Deed. The furniture package payment will be due, 50% will be asked 12 years before the delivery and the remaining 50% at the deed.

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